GNNLP ™ is an initiative by Mr. Justin Thomas, towards a dream that brings together the worldwide practitioners of NLP under one roof to roll out a series of programmes that would reach the entire human community.

Since the onset of COVID, the onus is on us to provide psychological support for our fellow members of the Human Tribe. The transition from a lifestyle that we took for granted is always scary. Hence, The GNNLP.

It will provide an environment for budding practitioners and interested participants alike to meet with the experienced and famous personalities in NLP, share their experiences, apprehensions, fears and insecurities and find solutions. It will thereby create an awareness on the various aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming among the people and how they could bring happiness and peace to their lives.

Mr Justin Thomas has already conducted a series of more than 350 online programmes on NLP, Mind Power and Psychotherapy in 2020 to create awareness and bring a sense of security and stability in people's lives!