Many of us are aware of the term "Pay It Forward" thanks to the English movie with the same title otherwise those who have watched the Salman Khan movie "Jai Ho" or the Chiranjeevi starred Telugu movie "Stalin" would surely know. Those who don't, it's a good deed you do to thank someone who did a good deed to you. in short, we help improve the lives of others. So what about a technique to improve ourselves? In NLP, among the countless ones, one is titled "Feedforward". 

A feedforward is an approach developed and made famous by top leadership coach, Marshall Goldsmith. It’s a really useful addition to NLP modelling approaches. The basic idea is that while it is worth asking for feedback (how well have we done in the past), it can be significantly more useful to ask for ideas of how we can do better in the future.

We can't change the past. But we can start now and change the future. It’s easier if we continually seek ideas of what we might do differently. We continually look for ways of improving. We don’t commit to implementing every idea we hear, but we do genuinely thank everyone who contributes ideas, and commit to considering them – and we may implement them later.

Why are we so apprehensive to take feedback?

Simple. Our experiences are adverse for genuine feedback is something hard to find. Then again, are we receptive towards it? Especially the ones we classify "negative"? The answer is no. We tend to avoid such company, do we not? So start seeking and I will enlighten you with its benefits in my next post.